A Trusted Neighbor to Assist with In-Home Bill Paying

A Daily Money Manager can help you fully enjoy each day knowing important tasks involving money and due dates are managed.

Mary Kay Kirgis


Would you like to find someone, close to home, that you can trust to help you with your daily paperwork and money affairs?   


Money is an important and necessary part of everyone's life. Organizing it, recording it, monitoring it and tracking it requires regular attention and thoughtful consideration. 

Together we can make it a source of comfort and peace of mind. 

What is a Daily Money Manager (DMM) and Who Can Benefit from using a DMM?

Daily Money Managers support managing personal monetary affairs for seniors and older adults, recently widowed, people with a current health issue, people with disabilities, people who do a lot of traveling, people caring for both children and and aging parents, busy professionals, small businesses and anyone who prefers assistance with important personal money affairs.    

What does a Daily Money Manager do?

Bill paying, maintaining bank and credit card accounts, managing on line profiles for health care, prescriptions refills, and other accounts, organizing and keeping track of financial and medical insurance paperwork, ensuring due dates and deadlines are met for important money transactions, and much more.  See Services.  

How do Daily Money Managers Work?

Daily Money Manager's are not financial planners or investment advisors.  We do not take the place of accountants, tax prepares, attorneys, investment advisors or case managers, but rather complement services from these professionals by  accurately organizing and verifying financial information for each unique client.    See How We Work Together.